Sunday, May 6, 2012

Jam Week Day 7: Final Jam!

The last batch of jam for the week just came out of the canner. Yes, I skipped day 6 entirely. There was no jam made on Thursday to announce and I didn't make jam on Saturday either. It was great to have a break!  Before I forget, let me announce the winners of the three different jams from Friday.

Winner of jam #1 - Black and Blueberry, was comment #3, Amber!
Winner of jam #2 - Blackberry Plum, was comment #2, AK Midwife, aka Eva!
Winner of jam #3 - Strawberry Cherry Rhubarb, was comment #1, Amber again!

If you would be so kind as to message me your address or, if you like, a time that I can deliver them on Thursday. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy the jams.

On Monday I said that I would be giving away 5 jams, but I had so many types of fruit to choose from (and clear out of my freezer) that as of Friday, I had made 6 jams with plans to make 2 more over the weekend. I have to admit, I am plumb tuckered out from adding jam making to my daily chores! I combined the last 2 jams to make....

Peach Persimmon. There we have it: Seven jams for seven days!

I have made peach jam before. It is decent, a bit like cobbler without the crumble. I prefer peaches fresh or cooked in desserts. Persimmon I have not jammed before! This was a bit of an experiment and it turned out rather well, I think. It is a nice peachy color and sweet, but not overly so. I am excited to have this in the pantry and proud of myself for producing anything from the frozen persimmons!

                      Jam making is messy business - don't use your best towels for a mat while filling jars!

To enter to win a jar of Peach Persimmon jam, leave a comment below. Tell me about your favorite peach dessert or perhaps about a persimmon you have enjoyed! Many people have not tried persimmons. They taste a bit like an apricot with the texture of a mango. Fuyu persimmons are the sweet ones and they look like orange tomatoes! Leave a comment before midnight on Monday. The winner will be announced on Tuesday!

That's it for jam week! Thanks for reading and congratulations to all the jam winners. I am happy to share the fruits of my labor! I hope you will check back often to see what is happening at Ireland Manor.


  1. I got Fuyu persimmons in a box of organic fruits & veggies from Full Circle and did not know what to do with them! I remember trying to add them to pasta salad---yuck! Wish I would've known what they were/tasted like before I thought they were some kind of heirloom tomato.

    Favorite peach dessert, hmmmm.... I really like peach crumble! Not cobbler, but crumble---with the gooey cinnamon oatmeal stuff. *drools*

  2. I have not tried persimmon! I am happy to have won already, so please let someone who hasn't won yet get to try the fruits of your labor. I'll message you on facebook!

  3. Thanks for all your hard work!!! My favorite peach dessert is peach pie. Would love to have the recipe for the strawberry, cherry, rhubarb jam.