Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Jam Week Day 3!

The winner of Monday's jam, Pineapple Rhubarb, is Elaura Nevares! Since she was the only one that commented, she wins! Elaura, I will contact you via facebook for your mailing address and the jam will be on it's way soon!

I have had a headache for most of the afternoon after a sleepless night. The jam is just now cooling and I have a few minutes before I usher the children to bed, so I will tell you about today's jam.

Double Strawberry Jam!

It's not quite as mysterious as it sounds. I had 4 cups of frozen wild arctic strawberries left and decided to use them for jam combined with domestic strawberries. It is very tasty! I miss the wild strawberries and copious amounts of raspberries that grew at the house we rented before buying Ireland Manor.

The flavor of wild, pink strawberries cannot be beat. However, they don't can well, turning into a mushy, sweet, pale mess. Combining them with the bright red store bought berries resulted in a very dark red. Almost as dark as canned cherries. I can't wait to see if it sets up! I cooked the heck out of it because I am not so great at making strawberry jam. It seems to separate no matter what I do! I even let it sit up in the pot before I put it into the jars. We shall see...

Jam making is usually not this complicated for me! *shrug* Do you lose your jam gift if you don't use it?

To enter to win one 1/2 pint of Double Strawberry jam, leave a comment below and tell me your favorite way to eat strawberries! The deadline for today's giveaway will end at midnight on Thursday (tomorrow) and the winner will be announced Friday. :)


  1. DIBS! you are an amazing and godly woman, wife, mom, and homemaker! and i'd say that even if you weren't giving away jam! luv hugs and blessings!

  2. Sounds yummy. My favorite way to eat strawberries is stuffed with cottage cheese.

  3. Yea for you! So fun what you do. God Bless Mary M. Olson

  4. How do wild arctic strawberries compare to domestic ones? Interesting! My favorite way to eat strawberries is slathered in Nutella. I'm also a big fan of the classic strawberry shortcake. Yum! I look forward to reading tomorrow's post! You did a good job in hooking me in, but I think I have a weakness for food/parenting blogs.