Friday, May 4, 2012

Jam Week Day 5, Part 3!

Three post in one day is a lot, but I have to keep the jam entries separate somehow!

The final jam for the day is Strawberry Cherry Rhubarb. I had planned on making Strawberry Rhubarb, but I needed it to have more color. Pale pink jams don't suit me; food should look as good as it tastes. I really didn't have a plan for the cherries that I pitted and froze last summer, so why not add them to a jam? I mashed and stirred and now the jam is a really nice shade of red and tastes great!
This was a good sized batch. I ended up with 6 full pints.

To enter to win a 1/2 pint of Strawberry Cherry Rhubarb jam, leave a comment below telling me your favorite cherry dessert! Did you enter to win the other 2 jams of the day? If you have not, you can click on JAM #1, and JAM #2 to get to those posts and leave a comment. Comments will count as valid entries if made before midnight Saturday (that's tomorrow).

Ah Saturday. This has been a long week. I am looking forward to a break! I do plan to make a batch of jam, so check back to see what it is. Ta ta!


  1. I need some jam! I love this chocolate cherry torte recipe that I have. But I pretty much stopped making it when I started eating "good" food. :)

  2. MMM, fresh cherries are definitely my favorite. Last summer I made a cake and covered it with pited cherries... it was beautiful.