Friday, May 4, 2012

Jam Week Day 5, Part 2!

My second jam of the day is done!

This really was a small batch. Just 4 jars! I had one package of frozen blackberries left and I combined it with the only package of frozen red plums! I'm not getting creative with the name - Blackberry Plum it is.

I think it tastes like summer in a jar :) Sweet, tart and berrylicious. I can see this as a topping for lemon curd in a really fantastic summer tart!

To enter to win a 1/2 pint jar of Blackberry Plum, leave a comment below before midnight Saturday, telling me your favorite kind of plum or plum dessert! Did you know there is more than one kind? I have fond memories of picking plums off the tree at my great grandmothers'. So sweet and juicy!

I have one more jam to post. Don't forget to enter to win all three jams today!


  1. No comments yet? Maybe I will be a winner! I don't recall ever having a plum dessert. Is that bad?

  2. I remember picking black berries as a kid. Our whole family would go out with buckets and buckets. I think blackberry cobler is just amazing. If only blackberries would grow up here... I might have to try.

    1. I have tried to grow blackberries. Mine died both times. I suspect that if you have the right Alaskan microclimate, you could make it work :)