Thursday, May 26, 2011

So done.

I knew this point would come. The point when I had to throw up my hands and say "I'm done!"

Last weekend, my feet began to swell while sitting at the sewing table. So, though I am not done making the last of the diapers, I have to call it quits. Its uncomfortable and alarming to see your feet swollen! The same goes for the rose bushes - they can wait another month or year.
At this point in pregnancy, I should be focusing on having a baby, not finishing up projects! The only thing that got finished are the projects I asked for help with... :)

I did manage to get the potatoes all in the ground this week. I have quite a bit of garden left to layer, and as long as I don't go into labor, I plan to get some of it done each day. I am actually hoping it will START my labor! The goal was to get the potatoes planted, but I have pumpkin, zucchini, cauliflower, and broccoli starts waiting to go in, not to mention the veggies seeds waiting to be directly sewn. Tomorrow's project is corn! This is a new one for me and I anticipate a grand failure, but hope for some small success.

Our chickens are still doing really well. We have done absolutely nothing to prepare their coop! I am glad they have a few more weeks to stay in, because we need the time!

Maybe my next post will be a birth announcement. If I go another week, maybe it will be a post about how my garden is finished and everything is planted! Maybe.

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