Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day! Our new babies!

Nope, our new human baby has not arrived yet. We have just about 2 weeks until the due date for him or her.

We DO have new animal babies, though! We picked up the first half of our chicks yesterday! We have 5 Rhode Island Reds and they are absolutely adorable. We have a pen and light set up in the laundry room for the chicks. The kids have been running down to the basement to check on them at every opportunity. They were making so many trips down there that I had to implement a "no one goes to the basement without bringing something down/up" rule. Now they take the recycling down or bring laundry up just so they can go visit the chicks!

Chicks on the far left, fresh out of the box; Boys checking out our new babies!

The boys have named most of our chicks: Violet is the loudest and appears to be the leader of the tiny flock, Shiloh is the shyest and likes to spend most of her time curled up in the box (our tiny hen house), Percy is the yellowest chick, Toby (hm, did a Thomas the Tank Engine fan name two of our chicks?) has a little orange on her back, and honestly, I don't think the fifth chick has a name yet. Hup, hold up.... The fifth chick is now named April. Next Saturday we will go pick up the rest of our chicks.

Sewing has been my other focus this past week. I sewed a pair of red curtains for the master bedroom. Really, I folded a twin sheet (bought on sale, with coupons, for about $2 each! ) at the top, creating a built in valance, and stitched a rod pocket. One sheet per window, so I will put a tie back on each window and call it good. My plans for nursery curtains have changed. I remembered that I have a set of white damask, tab top curtains in the basement and I think I will hang those in the nursery instead. Maybe I will use the giraffe print for valances and a crib skirt instead.

I have also been preparing a stack of cloth diaper covers, for both the new baby and Liam, who has outgrown the other covers. They are all cut and ready to sew this next week. I'm hoping that Mr. Ireland will be more willing to use the cloth diapers if they are prestuffed and he doesn't have to fasten a cloth diaper. He can change it just like a disposable and drop it into the bucket, no fuss. I will be making a few more wool diaper covers also.

I gave up on making some long nightgowns for myself (again) and will try to tackle that one again at the end of the summer. I gave in and purchased one. It doesn't matter what I have going on in my life, sewing always gets put off till the last. I am soooo lucky to have an aunt that lives close by and is helping me do some of this sewing! Thanks, Auntie Barb!

Later today, while our youngest takes a nap, Mr. Ireland, the big boys and I will go work in the yard and get our garden ready. We staked out the beds a couple weeks ago and today we will lay down newspaper and top it with soil (a semi-lasagna garden). I think we will plant our potatoes while we are at it too, since the frost seems to be nearly finished (and I will be far to pregnant to try to do it in the coming weeks). I am really looking forward to having my own vegetable garden! My irises and rhubarb are just starting to send up shoots, the peonies too, and I even have some raspberries trying to send out leaves. It's going to be a fun summer!

I am really trying to relax as I make final preparations for our impending arrival. Two weeks will go by very quickly, especially when I am busy submitting final work samples for homeschool, putting a few more meals in the freezer and sewing. Yeah, we have gardening, chores and chickens all mixed in there, but for me, this is as close to "nothing going on" as I get!

One last thing... A couple pictures of our youngest son, doing one of his favorite things... vacuuming! Lets hope he continues to love it as he gets older. I may have someone to take that chore over!

Liam vacuuming, 18 months; 9 months

Happy Mother's Day!

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