Sunday, May 15, 2011

May day? Mayday!

Today I have a couple of hours to myself. Nearly. The three oldest boys have gone fishing with Dad this morning, so I am home with just one child! What does a mother of 4 (soon to be 5) do with a few hours to herself? Chores? No. I'm watching television. Lame. I should be working on that stack of sewing, or a million other projects that need to be done before I go into labor, but I haven't figured out how to keep the little one busy while I do that. Instead I'm watching reruns of Monarch of the Glen!

Liam pulled everything out of one of the homeschool cabinets and emptied the contents of each box.
Wasn't that thoughtful of him?

This week was fairly productive. I managed to find a sunny afternoon to paint the nursery dresser out on the porch. Sometime during the second coat, our 5 year old locked the front door! So, the oldest boys and I are locked out, me in paint clothes (might as well be pajamas!) and Liam is locked inside, having just awoke from his nap and was, thankfully, in his crib in the nursery. I didn't even have shoes on or my cell phone handy! Everyone kicks their rubber boots off on the porch at our house, so I was able to put on Mr. Ireland's boots and clomp next door to use the neighbor's phone. Mr. Ireland came home, the baby was very upset at being left so long in his bed, but eventually forgave me (with the help of some chocolate chips) and while stuck out of the house, I put several coats of paint on that dresser! I think the paint should be cured by now and I am more than ready to have it's contents gathered from the corners of my house and replaced in the drawers.

Newly painted dresser, without the hardware, but back in place.

We also completed our homeschool 4th quarter requirements this week. Work samples and progress reports for the two oldest boys are mostly done. Our sample for Music is still out. Edward, our oldest, has a new conga drum he has been practicing on and I have convinced him to play a duet with me! Eddie is a great drummer. Unfortunately, I seem to have a hard time playing the piano with a percussionist accompanying me, but with any luck, we will get it together and be able to record a decent run through. I have to admit, I'm a bit of an "unschooler" and most of our work samples were pictures of projects the boys have helped with around the house, like the garden, the chickens and the vegetable starts. What better way is there to learn than to try your hand at something new?

Incan "artifacts", made by Callen and Edward for our history studies of early explorers.

I took a whack at trimming the rose bushes back this week. I felt like I had cut quite a lot of the canes, but I think it may need to be pruned back even further. The rose bushes are starting to bud and now is the time to cut it back, while I can see what has been damaged or broken and what is still living. Maybe I will even relocate one of the plants while I am at it... We did not get very far with our dirt moving on Mother's Day and now we are waiting for a sunny, windless day to finish it. Will it get done before the baby arrives? I have no idea.

Jumbled mess of rose bushes.

Our chickens from last week have new companions! Five new pullets and two little roosters. Our roosters are named "Jack" and "Buck", but none of the new girls have names yet. They are so fluffy and cute! I will get some good pictures of our flock and post them next week.

My mountain of sewing is calling to me from the sewing room. Everything is cut and ready to go, Liam is down for a nap and so I should begin my two day sewing marathon!

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  1. Wow, Moira Rhu. Impressive, Admirable and Motivated!! You rock girl!!!