Saturday, June 5, 2010

Wallpaper Removal

O the joys of scraping off wallpaper!

You wouldn't know it, but these kids, with their tiny fingers, are really good at picking off the soggy bits left behind! We don't call it child labor, it's "character building" and "family bonding"!
Really, we think they will get a sense of pride knowing that they each helped to make the house into our home. Don't worry, they had scrapers and a spray bottle with just water and vinegar in it.

The wallpaper is not off completely, as you can see, but we made a good start. After realizing that some of the paper was being left behind the chair rail molding, I removed the molding. To my surprise, the revealed that the last decorator had put the bead board up OVER what is probably the original wallpaper! Classy. Sure, it's time consuming, but it isn't exactly difficult to remove vinyl wallpaper!

Sadly, I don't think I have the time to remove all the panels from around the room to remove the wallpaper. I really like that feature and if I removed it, I would not want to put it back up. The rail is not such a big deal, since it was going to be replaced anyway (though I could save myself some time there if it comes down to it). So the panels will stay up, covering the wallpaper and I will finish stripping and preparing the walls to be painted. What color?
Well, you'll have to wait and see....

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  1. Wow, it will look really nice when you're done! I'm all for child labor I mean bonding time!