Saturday, June 5, 2010

New Doors, Old Floors

We scored an awesome deal off Craigslist! A gentleman replaced the doors in his home, per his wife's request, and was selling off some very nice interior doors - 3 bedroom, one hall and one set of 24" bifold doors, all for the low price of $50!

All came in jams, with hardware, no holes and they are even the correct color! Considering they somehow match all our measurements for doors needed, and he delivered them to the new house, we think we got a pretty good bargain! They'll have to hang out in the dining room for a bit, putting my wallpaper project on hold, while Mr. Ireland finishes tearing out the old carpet and subfloor from upstairs.

You wouldn't believe the stench of the old carpet! It was soaked with dog urine and who knows what else. The task of tearing it all out has fallen to the husband (thank you!) and he has nearly finished removing all of the subfloor upstairs as well. If it weren't for the particle board subfloor, we would be looking at a very costly redo of the upstairs floor. Suprisingly, there isn't any mold, which is a relief! One more day of demo and we can probably start construction of the wall to separate the upstairs bedroom from the living room.

The very best part of the carpet removal has to be the last bit. Under the carpet on the stairs we found wonderful hardwood steps! I thought that there was a chance of them being simply plywood, but I'm very pleased that they are not. A little polishing up for now and we will have a very pretty staircase!

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  1. Hardwood. . . SCORE!! And I'm with ya, let the Mr. do the nasty work. icky!!