Sunday, June 13, 2010

A little more

We didn't get all that much done today. I pulled staples and nails off of the stairs, the boys helped upstairs by vacuuming and sweeping, and Mr. Ireland started breaking rocks off of the fireplace wall. Once he got started, he found that most of the rock wanted to come down with the chicken wire baselayer. He is confident that the rock will all be down by the end of the week and we can move forward with sheet rock. It will be really nice to have that corner of the living room usable!

Other than that, we walked thru the house, discussing our concerns and ideas and getting a plan together for the week. We are each tackling a job on our own and then one big project that we will accomplish together. My goal is to have the wallpaper down and the molding in the dining room stripped. Together we will finish the nursery. Things are coming along.


  1. Oh...this brings back so many memories of a house we bought when the kids were a little older than yours. All the renovations!! My advice is don't let the boys pick hunter green colored carpet for their has to be vacuumed every day!!

  2. Well, you know what color i would suggest. ;) I'm glad the rock came down easily!