Saturday, May 29, 2010

I Spy....

So for fun, I am posting the first of our pictures as a kind of game. If you can spot the differences, you win.... my appreciation? Hee hee! It's probably not that interesting to you, but it helps me to see that we have already made progress.

Before the appraiser would sign off on this house, he had a list of things that needed to be done. Add that to the list of getting the utilities in working order, it became quite a bit of work for "Mr. Ireland." The house was originally a repo, and the bank that owned the house is in the lower-48, so that meant the work had to be done by someone! The furnace is over 50 years old, the plumbing turned into a sprinkler system when it was first turned on, and there were so many safety concerns listed in the appraisal! "Mr. Ireland" put a lot of time into making sure this house would pass the appraisal and it really paid off because most of the things required were already on his list for after closing! Way to get a head start, honey.

Okay, for your viewing pleasure, here is the first round of pictures:

Front porch area, phase one. Not much is left to be done with the porch, aside from paint and replacing the trellis! The bathroom is also a phase one project, meaning that there will be a MAJOR overhaul after we get everything else done. This is MY bathroom. Im so excited to have my own bathroom! Living with 5 boys sometimes makes for an interesting midnight trip to the bathroom!

More later....


  1. Wow! Congrats!!! How exciting and it really looks big from the pictures. The bathroom tub picture is great -- great work "Mr. Ireland"! :)

  2. Let's see. . . first picture, you got rid of the snow and added a hand rail. . . ;) WOW!!! The bathroom looks really nice and yes, it will be much better to have your own.