Saturday, May 29, 2010

We're Home Owners!

After months and months of waiting, we finally closed on our first house! We are so thrilled! I have already taken tons of before pictures, so this might be the easiest blog to start ever. Here is what our house looked like at the time of our offer:

Beauty, eh? We have a LOT of work to do on this house, but it's ours! It's big, it's old, it's solid and it's ours! The real work begins after Memorial Day. The list is long and our time frame continues to get shorter, if only because my husband wants to move up the move-in date by over a month! It might kill us, but it is ours!

This year we agreed to focus on the inside of the house, as much as we detest the color of the exterior. It is far more important that it be ready to accommodate our family before the end of summer. I might be able to talk him into hiring someone to paint the outside this year, since we can agree that we both really dislike the color outside! We'll see.

Keep checking back to see where we are on renovations! We won't be having a housewarming party until it is completely finished. We're both kind of perfectionists, so things have to be done before we will reveal it to someone else's scrutiny!

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  1. WOO HOO!!!!! Congratulations! We'll be looking forward to hearing about that party.