Sunday, July 28, 2013

Its a long, long road to.... a completed house

Its easy to forget how far you have come when you still have a great distance to go, isn't it? I have taken to keeping a list of completed projects on my phone to remind me of all that we HAVE accomplished and not let myself feel like we haven't done anything this summer. Obviously I am still incredibly busy or you would be seeing regular posts from me. Don't let the last post's date fool you, its been changed to reflect the general time frame I finished some of the projects.

July has been a skunk of a month.  Its improving though. Much of June and July was spent waiting for Mr. Ireland's gout flare up

to subside. In the mean time, we tried to do a few fun things when we couldn't work. We have been to Homer to the tidepools, had a few birthday partys, a few trips to parks, but nothing big. We warned the kids that this would be a busy summer and I can't WAIT to be done with big projects and back to a normalish school year schedule.

Along with the list of things from our last post, I have completed a can rack for my food storage area,  Mr. Ireland has moved 3 refrigerators and freezers around to accomodate my new all refrigerator, and we are still waiting for the roofers to come. The list is getting shorter, we are down to the kitchen remodel, the bathrooms (nearly finished upstairs), removing the back porch and replacing it with stairs, and if we have time, the dining room ceiling, though I dont see that happening.

This week I started the flooring for the upstairs. We chose to go with 1 foot planks, cut from sheets of   presanded plywood, 4 planks a sheet. I will post pictures of the process in my next post, probably when it is all finished next week. It looks really nice so far. I had no idea that the nail gun would be so much fun!

The next project will be our kitchen and I have just put in my order for the few cabinets we need. This will be a project that makes a huge impact in how our home functions.
The last update I will give is on our little chickens. They are almost ready to start laying and I have built a bigger pen for them. We also bought some meat chickens (uh, 43) and are scrambling to find a  little house and second enclosure for them.

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