Saturday, June 15, 2013

Summer plans

You have had nothing but silence from us for months, I know. Really, not much has been happening around here. I will update you a bit on the little that has happened and then talk about my BIG plans for the summer!

I finally finished the bottle cap floor! Of course, I did it in a way that caused me far more work than necessary, but this is my way. Remind me to update the tutorial (done) - DO NOT FILL THE BACK OF YOUR CAPS BEFORE WORKING!!

We built a chicken brooder and added some chicks. We bought way to many for the tiny space and had to transfer them out to the big coop earlier. Poor babies didn't have all their pin feathers in, but with the heat lamp, they made it. We did lose one chick during the first couple of days after we bought them. It was sad. One of our older ladies (hens) has taken to mothering the chicks. She follows them around, stays with them all the time. She is a good ol' hen.

I shuffled things to a storage unit again, and have been very successful at getting rid of things. The things in there now are things that need to come back - fabric totes, coats and boots, some baby clothes (I'm still on the fence about getting rid of those).

Not much else has happened until just this last week - Charley pulled the trailer out to start moving junk from the yard. This house was a really good deal because it needed A LOT of work and that includes the piles of trash it came with. They should all be gone by summer's end.

You won't see pictures of the completed bathroom because, well, its not complete yet!
I painted bed frames for the older boys, a picnic table for the toddlers and the upstairs bathroom vanity counter. Charley installed the toilet and vanity in to the upstairs bath! We finally have 2 toilets again!!

Next up: (Items in green have been updated as done) -
Shower stall, window and trim in upstairs bathroom
repair ceiling in living room and put in flooring upstairs,
clear deck so roofers can repair (cleared, still waiting for roofers)
gut kitchen and put in new cabinets and ceiling.
my bathroom
our bedroom floor (Not going to happen this summer. Maybe winter?)
bookshelves for homeschool area
lattice around porch (finally!) (Mostly completed, waiting for trim)
move freezer to basement, move appliances (Well done, Mr. Ireland)
build mud room storage and benches
buy couch. (*cough* uh, we might be building this too)

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