Saturday, February 11, 2012

Get Back to Work!

January is gone and February is well under way. We have been so busy around here! Doing what? Not all that much. It feels a bit like reorganizing, but I can't be sure. Most of January was spent working in the basement, a space that is vital to the rest of our house being finished. If the basement is a jumble, we will have to hunt down every tool, clamber over piles to get a can of paint and dig out the last scrap of wood or screw just to move on to the next project. We have continued to sort and unpack boxes and even move a few boxes off to storage.

Yes, storage. The word makes me want to cringe. I come from a LONG line of storage unit owners (I refuse to say hoarders and bring a curse upon myself!) and I know that once an item goes into storage it will almost certainly stay there. Forever. Mr. Ireland won't allow that to happen, however, and has set a time limit. All items must be sold or donated by the end of July. With his resolve and my "zero waste" kick, we are sure we can meet that deadline. So I shuffle things off to storage a couple times a week and it has freed up a lot of space in the basement. Enough to dig out the treadmill! Which I may or may not get around to using in February...

I've been taking pictures of things that are going to the yard sale. This is a tiny porcelain box given to me a long time ago by my little brother. It is pretty, but I never use it and everything will come under scrutiny during "the purge". If something you gave me ends up in the sale, I'm sorry, but I just can't keep everything and I'm not really a knick knack kind of girl.

We have also set a lofty goal of having *most* projects indoors completed by the end of May. We have set a major goal for each month and wouldn't you know it, we are already behind! Here is our new list:

January - Basement: Organize, purge, make room (check)
February - Remodel bathrooms...(nothing has happened with that YET)
March - Kitchen remodel
April - Trim work
May - Flooring upstairs
June - Paint house, yard
July - Yard, etc.

The back porch. Rotten, almost useless and covered with snow. This is coming down and will eventually be replaced. With a roof over head.

I attempt to trick myself by listing the fewest words possible when I write down a job, that way I look at it and say to myself "Oh look! How difficult could this be? There are only two words here!" It doesn't work for long.

Now that the baby takes real naps, I can pick up my saw and get back to work. I have a lot of wood projects waiting to be done, but the first is a sample board for bottle cap flooring. I hope to have that finished by the 15th and get a picture up. If you have any bottle caps that you have been saving for us, now is the time to send those on! Callen has collected 7 jars of caps! That's 70 dollars worth of caps - we will buy the caps from him and half of that money will be going to a charity of his choice. Thank you to everyone who has donated bottle caps!

Sweetest baby ever!

I have most of the materials for remodeling my bathroom, but we need to start upstairs. I am afraid that we will remodel mine and then decide not to do the upstairs and it is UGLY. We have decided to replace the upstairs shower with a corner shower. The bathroom is dark and light is cut off by a wall that houses the plumbing, which Mr. Ireland will move, so the wall can come down and that will really open up the tiny upstairs bathroom. I will be painting the bathroom and replacing the vanity light. I am also looking for a small window to install above the toilet. I have to have window's in bathrooms! Not everyone needs that, but I do. I need natural light. Just for fun, answer my poll to the right and let me know how YOU feel about bathrooms that have a window!

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  1. Do not feel bad about putting things people gave you into a yard sale. Simply don't.

    People can get butt hurt all they want, but you are not obligated to keep things that they gave you simply because they gave it to you. My mom and my grandpa are RIDICULOUS clutter freaks. My mom is a compulsive over-spender who has to have everything of everything, and every little thing is sentimental for some reason or another... And my grandpa is just a hoarder. If he runs across a piece of metal/string/rubberband/whatever-you-name-it and he thinks they he might have ANY use for it sometime in the next century... he takes it home and adds it to all of his stuff. Sure, the guy is thrifty... but he's such a pack rat that it makes his plenty large home feel so much smaller. He has a back garage where he does woodworking... with paths cleared between boxes and piles of just stuff. Just stuff. Most of it without significant meaning or purpose.. and since he quit gardening, the greenhouse has turned into storage too.

    I saw myself starting to turn into that... Saving baby clothes that I "might" use with another baby, throwing ketchup packets in a tub in the fridge, keeping useless crap "just in case" I found a use for it later... and it was stressing me out. Everything just felt so cluttered and chaotic, like I couldn't even think because my surroundings were just so busy. Thankfully I recognized it and was able to knock it off pretty quick like.

    I still struggle (although not nearly as much) with getting rid of things people gave to me as a gift... even if they gave it to me ten years ago. I felt like I was being insulting, but really, I can't expect someone else to keep a gift I gave them for years and years and years... especially if they don't use it... or if I knew they didn't want it in the first place but I gave it to them and made a fuss over it just to be a passive aggressive jerk (aka my family lol).

    Now? I have no problem throwing things away. My kids ruined it because they were being brats and decided it was cool to destroy their toys? Too bad. Trash. I'm not fixing it if they broke it on purpose. I don't care if the POPE gave it to them. It's been sitting on my shelf for six years and hasn't been used once? Gone!

    And of course, people get mad... but who cares? I can't live in clutter. It stresses me out and harshes my mellow. If getting rid of junk around my house is what I need to feel happy and healthy, then that's what I should do... even if everyone else gets angry.

    Anddddd.... sorry for the little soapbox there... lol