Friday, December 30, 2011

Enter to win at Cooking Traditional Foods

Are you looking at the new year and thinking about making some resolutions? Is one of them eating better? How about eating locally? Well, we here at Ireland Manor are focused on the same thing. We have always leaned towards a more natural foods diet around here, but this year we are going to be more committed to it! Don't get me wrong - we love our junk foods, but even those can be made in a healthier way, using healthier fats and fermented ingredients.

If this is the sort of thing that interests you, or you are looking for a way to plan healthy meals without having to do all the leg work, you are in luck. Right now, Cooking Traditional Foods is having a giveaway for a FULL YEAR of their menu mailer! You will get a menu mailer each week, complete with a pantry and shopping list and prep page. It really couldn't be easier to feed your family healthy foods! Enter HERE to win!

We have been using their menu mailer for about 6 months and every issue has a great selection of family friendly meals. All meals are based on seasonal items and each menu contains a dessert and crock pot friendly meals. Go on, make a change and get some help along the way by entering to win!

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