Monday, January 3, 2011

Gotta get up....

Its the new year and its time to start work on the house again. Really, we have had a nearly 2 month break and we are fed up with living out of boxes and working around unfinished projects. January and February are usually slow at work for Mr. Ireland and he can finally spend some time on things at home. We are also expecting another baby, so we are quite motivated to get as much done before he/she arrives in May!

We are setting a fairly easy pace - one major project a month, sprinkled with smaller projects throughout the house. January is devoted to shelving!! Mr. Ireland will finish building storage shelves in the basement, which will go a looooong way toward getting the rest of the house organized, and I will work on smaller shelving projects. The big boys are in desperate need of a new clothing storage system and a couple of large shelves in the closets to help get the toys up off the floor, and the nursery needs 2 shelves in the closet before I can install the closet doors. With another baby on the way, it is time for the nursery to be finished!

This is my plan for the upstairs bedroom closet - a dresser made out of laundry baskets! I love Ana White's site - I've been following her for a long time and now that her blog has transformed into a sponsored site, I am thrilled to have a whole list of building projects for our house that are based on her plans! I will be building 4 of these units, giving 4 baskets for each boy, using the 16x16 square baskets instead of the rectangular ones. This size will be much more manageable for children and the plans are really easy to change out. I'll post pictures when I'm finished.

A plan for the rest of the year is shaping up. The list is long, but if we can get most of it done, we will be pleased. Its not a resolution list, but here is our list for January - September projects (at which point we stop working because Mr. Ireland's schedule is too full for projects!):

Shelves, shelves, shelves
Trim and moulding in all rooms
Upstairs flooring installed
Complete kitchen remodel
Remodel downstairs bath
Refinish/repair floors in dining and kitchen
Paint upstairs bath, replace shower stall and linoleum
Retexture nursery, repaint
Master bedroom flooring installed
Build dining table, install new light fixtures
Finish basement projects - shelves, coat rack, laundry area
Replace heating duct and vents throughout house
Remove chimney and repair ceiling and roof
Repair front porch roof, build dormer over steps
Build chicken coop/barn for goats, install fencing
Get garden prepped for planting
Work on garden wall

That's a long list! Huh. Guess I should get to work!

Happy New Year!

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