Thursday, August 4, 2011

Alaska Rug Company

I'm loving these rugs from the Alaska Rug Company! They are based out of Port Bailey, Alaska, on Kodiak Island. The owners bought the old cannery and are cleaning it up, turning it into a full service tourist destination, and have been selling off what they can and reusing or upcycling other items. These rugs are made from ropes from the cannery.

I think I am in love with this rug particularly - very celtic! It would be a good addition to the front porch.

I do like this one, but there is no way it would stay white in our house!
Maybe it could go in the new bathroom?

Round is good...

Yep, I might need this one too!

I guess I know what I am saving up for next!

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  1. Very nice! Thanks for sharing. Love seeing recycled items.