Saturday, April 9, 2011

In like a lamb, out like a....

Well I would say "lion" but I'm not so sure our progress here has mirrored that idiom. We did start March off slowly, working on little projects (yay office!) and now we are ramping up to bigger and bigger things! I would like to say that I'm not in full prebaby panic, but the fact that we are taking this week off school so I can organize the house says otherwise. The last of the boxes are nearly unpacked and I will be able to focus completely on the nursery.

I'm going to keep it simple and just post pictures of March's projects. Enjoy!

*Disclaimer: These pictures have not been staged. I live in this house with 5 male occupants and consequently, my house will never look like a show room. So expect to see stuff! :) *

Preparing to put the last 2 sets of shelves up in the basement; After the shelves are in and randomly stuffed with our junk. At least its up off the floor....mostly. Thanks, Mr. Ireland, for moving all that stuff!

Our new (craigslist) dining room chairs, waiting for the new table. The old table and benches were moved up to the homeschool area (finally!); Mr. Ireland building said table (love him for taking on a project that I was supposed to do myself); New table! Seats 10! We will bring it outside again this summer and I will sand and stain it. We are still looking for 4 more chairs, by the way.

Gorgeous new cabinet that was given to us! We moved our silverware and most of my canning and other random utensils into the drawers. I LOVE the retro look of it too! ; Unpacked all the frequently used cookbooks to the cupboard above the stove. These two changes allowed me to get rid of the stack of boxes in my kitchen (and prevent the toddler from destroying more books or dishes!)

My seedling trays - each carton is full of egg shells that have been cracked in the upper 1/3 and set back in the tray empty. Free seedling pots!; My crazy green house contraption in our living room. Started tomatoes and celery first (celery is in the shells) .

Dining room curtains (thrift store find!) before being dyed; Dining room curtains after being dyed. The color is not quite as I had imagined it, but Mr. Ireland likes them, so they will stay. I had a difficult time choosing between tan or green. *Shrug* They're OK.

As I said, I did get some work done in my office. New shelves went in, lots of organizing, but I recently cleared the upstairs hallway of all its boxes, which were "redistributed" to the basement and... my office!

April has been very busy so far. We have tackled a big project every Sunday. There will be many more pictures to share. The nursery is our last big project and I have the room prepped and my materials ready to begin work this very afternoon! I plan on sitting back to relax after this weekend, before baby #5 arrives (in about 5 weeks) and working on the mountain of sewing in my office. Wish me luck!


  1. It's looking great, Moira! I love the table! Great job, Charley.

  2. Wow!!! Great work!!! Yes, the table looks great too!

  3. Yes, I know the saying is "in like a lion, out like a lamb", but it didn't fit :) I'm a little surprised my dad didn't say anything about the sander being used in the picture... lol someday, it will make it back to your house!