Friday, October 8, 2010

Fall change

Not much has been happening around here at "Ireland Manor". We have managed to empty the linen closet of all the boxes of toiletries (seriously, where does it all come from?!), which allowed us to clear the linens out of the bottom of the master bedroom closet, which in turn allowed us to stack some of the boxes into the closet that were part of the maze in our bedroom. The rest of the maze was stacked on a second upper shelf in the top of our closet, and for the first time since moving in, I was able to sweep our bedroom floor! I don't have the heart to steal our rug back from the nursery, where our soon-to-be toddler loves to sit on it and play, so for now I will have to keep our room swept and deal with the grit that sticks to my bare feet. Either that or I will have to wear some slippers... Eventually, the master bedroom will need to be emptied again and have real flooring put in over the currently Kilzed subfloor. That day is far off in the distance though.

New shelves; Shelves serving their purpose!

Mr. Ireland managed to build the first set of shelves in the basement. This being his busy season at work, I am very grateful that I have any shelves at all. It has helped immensely to have that first set. It sits next to the freezer, making it a perfect location for canned goods and rarely used kitchen items (thanks Peter, for helping me organize that!) Best of all, the shelves will all be built to accommodate rubber storage totes under neath them on the floor. This means I can store our totes of children's clothing (with this many boys, we don't get rid of anything!) and not worry about items getting wet, should our basement ever flood. I don't think it will (and we will have a sump in floor soon) but it is an old house and one never can tell.

Brody trying out his new bike!; Our new couch, prepped for its trip upstairs.

We acquired another sofa during the past month. Its hideous, its so not what I wanted, but it was free and actually in good shape and didn't smell! I don't know how he does it, but my husband has a knack for finding things in questionable locations (i.e. waste transfer site). It had to have the back panel removed, back wood supports cut and then be folded in half to make it up our narrow stairs to the living room! I'm really impressed with my husband's determination and engineering skills. He reassembled it and it actually has been a really nice piece to sit on! With a slip cover, I might even love it. So thank you, random stranger who left this couch at the dump :)

Our shed, that we designated as being the "barn" is only going to house squirrels for the winter :) I'm okay with that. Last week my husband brought home a stack of windows for us to build a greenhouse with in the spring, so at least I can rest easy knowing that the shed is serving a purpose. Even though winter is not quite here, spring is not all that far away, and with a greenhouse to build and a barn to customize, I already have my work cut out! Dirt for my garden should be here next week and that will be the last of my garden work for the year. I did pick up some daffodil bulbs to put in :)

Have a happy last week of fall and first week of PFD spending!


  1. Shelves in the basement are the best!! Fun to see what you've been up to :)

  2. Didn't you know? The toiletries breed in the dark closet. ;)